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Recent content by Admin65

  1. Admin65

    FireTV 2020

    Not to be mentioned that Luna is also coming out for these new sticks. Luna is the new Amazon cloud gaming feature that should compete with Stadia and xCloud.
  2. Admin65

    FireTV 2020

    https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/amazon-announces-new-slate-of-fire-tv-devices/ Looks like Amazon is going to be releasing a new slate of Fire TV devices. What is surprising is that there are no plans to update the 4K models (for now). It appears that the Fire Stick Lite is getting released and...
  3. Admin65

    Insignia 43" Full HD LED TV only $129.99

    43" version requires a 400mm vesa mount, so keep that into consideration when buying this set. Not a bad set if you want to have something for a spare room, cheap large monitor, garage, etc.
  4. Admin65

    Insignia 43" Full HD LED TV only $129.99

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-43-class-led-full-hd/6398123.p?ref=8575135&loc=28f7e3ccec1011ea92ae76a70f53cfb20INT&acampID=28f7e3ccec1011ea92ae76a70f53cfb20INT&skuId=6398123 It looks like the Insignia 43" Full HD (1080p) LED TV is now only $129.99 a savings of $70.00 I guess for those...
  5. Admin65

    Roku deal at Costco

    https://www.costco.com/roku-ultra-4k-streaming-media-player-%2526-roku-streaming-stick%2b.product.100679307.html Buy a Roku Ultra and get a Streaming Stick + for free. Price is valid until 9/5/20 so act fast. Great way to setup a household to the Roku ecosystem minus Peacock and HBO Max (which...
  6. Admin65

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I have a feeling that ATSC 3.0 will ultimately flop due to the changing media landscape. Too many ATSC 1.0 devices out there and the FCC is sort of letting hardware manufacturers and stations do this on their own. Unless the FCC does another transition like the NTSC (analog) to ATSC 1.0...
  7. Admin65

    Jeopardy on COZI instead of main channel Tuesday

    I believe that COZI is SD and not HD.
  8. Admin65


    It is a common word for repeater. Nothing is translated just that KGTV thought it would be nice to have a station for those who only use UHF or cannot get signals from Soledad.
  9. Admin65


    According to Wikipedia, KZSD-LD seems to be a translator for KGTV-DT for areas that have trouble receiving KGTV-DT like RB, and El Cajon.
  10. Admin65

    Amazon lights up FireTV for providers like Verizon and in cars

    https://www.lightreading.com/video/ces-2020---amazon-lights-up-fire-tv-for-service-providers-including-verizon/d/d-id/756600?utm_source=sendpulse&utm_medium=push&utm_campaign=4731538&_mc=RSS_LR_EDT Looks like FireTV is becoming quite popular now that Amazon is making a new Operator Tier...
  11. Admin65

    Comcast to Limit discounts

    https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/comcast-will-start-selling-smaller-10-tv-packages-to-fight-cord-cutting-in-2020/ It appears that Comcast wants to offer cheaper 10 and 20 USD/month packages to lure cord cutters back in with the options to add Sports and local channels. Goal is to get people to...
  12. Admin65

    Current TWC Internet Speeds

    29.99/month price for the new 50 mbps tier is guaranteed for 2 years.
  13. Admin65

    Current TWC Internet Speeds

    In some markets there is now an Internet 50 tier for only 29.99. This is for those who do not need the speed of Internet 100 or 200 (depending on the area) and want to save a little $.
  14. Admin65

    PS Vue to shutter

    https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/10/29/sony-interactive-entertainment-to-shut-down-playstation-vue/ Kind of expected, but it looks like Sony is discontinuing PS Vue on 1/30/2020. Sony is saying that it is too expensive to run a vMVPD business and that Vue subscribers will not be billed...
  15. Admin65

    2019 Roku models and OS 9.2

    https://blog.roku.com/new-roku-player-lineup-2019 Well it is that time again, Roku has launched a new OS (v9.2) as well as new streaming players, but also keeping some older models as some older models appear to be relevant for 2019. First model appears to be the new Roku Express for 2019...