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  1. Bryan_CoxPHX

    Cox increases Data Usage Caps

    Cox Internet caps have been increased, according to your Data Usage Meter. https://myaccount.cox.net/internettools/datausage/usage.cox As reported at DSLR Forums: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r30042118-VA-Cox-Data-Caps-Increased Confirmed at the Cox Forums...
  2. Bryan_CoxPHX

    Request to Cox for New Cisco SDV Tuning Adapter Firmware

    Request to Cox for New Cisco SDV Tuning Adapter Firmware Cisco and TiVo have identified a bug in the currently deployed Cisco SDV Tuning Adapter Firmware, where tuning requests fail randomly and the failure rate increases the longer the TA has not been rebooted. Issue most notably presents...
  3. Bryan_CoxPHX

    Test - Attachment Uploads

    Testing a few file uploads, PDF, Excel and jpegs PDF [attachment=45] Excel [attachment=46] jpeg test 1 [attachment=47] [attachment=47] jpeg test 2 [attachment=48] [attachment=48] [hr] Testing with Chrome [hr]
  4. Bryan_CoxPHX

    Plus Package - H.264 (MPEG4)???

    Have all of the Cox California markets switched the Plus Package HD channels to MPEG4 (H.264)?
  5. Bryan_CoxPHX

    Plus Package HD Channels & CableCARD

    Joshua, If you are able, please put in your/Cox's 2 cents. Question for CableCARD users both TiVo Premiere and WMC Ceton/SiliconDust HomeRun Prime. Is anyone able to receive the Plus Package channels below with a CableCARD and does not have the Whole Home DVR Package? Does anyone want the...