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  1. J


    Unfortunately, KGTV is using the same PSIP channel numbers. This results in two 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4 channels with the same PSIP identifiers. Causes all kinds of problems with my TV and scanning for mythtv.
  2. J

    Justice Network

    Justice has moved to KFMB (8.4). Looks like ION Television is replacing it on KSWB (69.4).
  3. J

    CBS to test subchannels

    KFMB has added two more sub channels. 8.4 (Justice), which used to be on KSWB and 8.5 (Quest), which is also available on KFTR (46.5). KFMB's picture quality was already poor. It can only get worse with these two additional channels. It's all about the money..
  4. J

    ThisTV now on KDOC

    KTLA and KSWB both dropped ThisTV in October, replacing it with Court TV. I noticed that ThisTV is now available on KDOC (56.6).
  5. J

    Decades TV now on KTTV

    Decades TV has now moved from KCBS (2.2) to KTTV (11.4). It is now receivable again :-).
  6. J

    KPBS "unplanned maintenance" Aug. 27-? , 2019

    I have not observed any issues with KPBS. I just checked (7:25AM, 8/29/2019) and KPBS is on the air.
  7. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I noticed that also. I do not expect it to last.
  8. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I see that KSWB and KPBS have completed their channel moves. Now it should be safe to rescan.
  9. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I lost KNBC yesterday on channel 36. Looks like another co-channel interference source. I only see KSKT-CD as assigned to channel 36, but they have been off air for quite a while (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KSKT-CD). Does anyone know if KSKT-CD is back on the air or is there some other...
  10. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I see that today (3/20/2019) KSWB has turned on their transmitter on channel 26. They are also still broadcasting on channel 19. Unlike other stations that first put up a test pattern (with a different PSIP channel number), KSWB has their regular PSIP channels on both channel 19 and 26. So if...
  11. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    Looks like KDOC has completed their move from ch 32 to ch 12. This will provide an alternate Comet TV channel since KBNT-CD is no longer receivable (although the picture quality is much worse on KDOC due to having 10 sub channels).
  12. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    Unfortunately, KBNT-CD also moved from channel 25 to channel 24, which is co-channel with KPXN. KPXN and KBNT-CD are both no longer receivable due to mutual interference. KVEA also has their test signal up on their new home, channel 25.
  13. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    KTLA has moved from channel 31 to channel 35, and is once again receivable. When KCBS moves from 43 to 31 it will be lost :-( KDOC has a test signal up on their new channel (12).
  14. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    KPBS is now reporting they are moving from channel 30 to channel 19 on March 26, 2019 via a scrawl during their programming. This makes some sense, since KSWB needs to vacate channel 19 first (scheduled for March 14, 2019).
  15. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    Looks like the link (http://sbe36.org/2019/02/local-dtv-stations-on-the-move/) is working again.
  16. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    Strange. It worked last week. Also, the expired domain message I get says: sbe36.org expired on 11/11/2022 and is pending renewal or deletion which is a few years in the future.
  17. J

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I came across this (http://sbe36.org/2019/02/local-dtv-stations-on-the-move/) about the repack. Looks like March 14th is moving day in San Diego. Why is it that the TV stations do not publish this information (KNSD excepted)?
  18. J

    LA stations

    Thanks. It is either KSDY-LD or possibly KTCD-LP. I also see that KVSD-LD will be moving to channel 35, so it looks like KTLA is lost for good :-(. I really wish these low power noise sources would go away. They are not receivable anyway (cochannel interference cuts both ways). KPXN and...
  19. J

    LA stations

    Starting on February 8, 2019, I started having difficulties receiving KTLA (ch 31). I suspected that some other TV station started broadcasting on channel 31 causing cochannel interference. However, I cannot identify any other channels that are planned to move to channel 31, other than KCBS...
  20. J

    KPBS Changing UHF Channels Feb 14

    Heard where? KPBS and KSWB web sites have no information about this at all. KNSD is moving to channel 17, and have had their channel 17 transmitter up and running with a test pattern for a while now. There is no transmitter broadcasting on channel 26 yet, so if KSWB is moving on February...